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Laser Welding

Laser Welding

Welding with high speeds and low heat impact

Laser welding is a welding process in which energy is supplied via a laser source.

Compared to conventional processes (such as TIG welding), laser welding offers numerous advantages with a high welding speed, a narrow weld shape and low heat exposure.

In addition to customized automation solutions, we also offer welding equipment for hand-guided laser welding. These can be easily operated after a short instruction and thus make it easy to quickly achieve very good welding results.


Laser welding equipment especially for hand-held applications

For handheld welding applications, we offer particularly compact and light laser welders in cooperation with our partner MaxPhotonics

The MaxPhotonics MA1-series with 800, 100 and 1500 Watts of power are available now and can already be ordered in our online shop.

MaxPhotonics MA1-XX

Air-cooled laser welder