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Laser Automation

Laser Automation

Optimization and automation of processes

The automation of laser applications is a central topic that concerns many companies. In order to offer our customers actual solutions for complex tasks, we have combined the expertise of AK Industry with the innovative power of RMA. This has resulted in a strong partnership from which our customers and business partners have benefited ever since.

Laser welding

Nowadays, this process is indispensable – no matter whether you need to weld small or large batches. We automate almost any welding task: batteries for the automotive industry or the consumer sector, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, bronze, structural steel or even very particular materials.

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The best solutions for the industry

RMA is the market leading supplier of complete solutions for welding automation and laser processing. In our offer you will find both conventional MIG/MAG and TIG welding systems, as well as modern laser technologies, which are nowadays increasingly used in welding, cutting and cleaning processes.

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Automated welding of heat exchangers:

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